The Allied Pacific Group is a diversified, integrated group of companies engaged in a range of activities. The Allied Pacific Group is particularly active in the investment management, real property development and investment, private equity and financial sectors. Allied Pacific operates throughout Asia, Europe, and North America, and is particularly active in transactions involving the People’s Republic of China.

Allied Pacific invests in and manages a broad portfolio of investments and provides professional investment advice to individual and corporate investors and investment funds on the acquisition, structuring, financing, negotiation, management, and maintenance of a variety of investments. Allied Pacific assists multi-national corporations and private investors to formulate and execute business development strategies and action plans for a range of investments.

Allied Pacific invests in and provides services for the acquisition, development, financing, construction, operation, and management of real estate projects, including hospitality, commercial, residential, industrial, logistics and gaming projects.

Allied Pacific is active in a wide range of real estate development activities, including the development, development management, project management, and property management of projects in all real estate sectors. Allied Pacific Development develops properties for its own account and for international real estate investors. Allied Pacific Development has extensive expertise and experience in program, project, and construction management; master plan and pre-construction management; development of projects in the hospitality, commercial, gaming, industrial, logistics and residential sectors; infrastructure development; project marketing; and ongoing property and asset management.